Neovasc Reducer

An effective percutaneous treatment for refractory angina, a severely debilitating condition that affects millions, globally.

Resulting from inadequate blood flow to the heart muscle, refractory angina (RA) causes constant and severe heart pain that cannot be effectively managed through conventional drug, catheter, or surgical therapy.  RA patients typically experience significant disability and impaired quality of life with few options for relief or improvement in their symptoms.

The Neovasc Reducer is proving to be a safe and effective treatment for RA. Using a procedure similar to a coronary stent implantation, the Reducer procedure is quick and simple, using standard catheter-based techniques.

View Neovasc Reducer Clinical Reports and Neovasc Reducer Animation

View TCT 2012 Neovasc Reducer Poster – The Coronary Sinus Reducer, A Device Based Therapy for Refractory Angina: Efficacy and Safety Results from the Ongoing Open Label Registry

Neovasc Reducer Essential Facts

  • Treats large, and growing, population of patients suffering from refractory angina who, until now, were considered untreatable
  • Procedure is performed in approximately 20 minutes and patient is discharged within 24 hours
  • Received CE Mark in late 2011
  • First-in-man study of the Reducer in 15 patients followed for three years has demonstrated excellent safety and efficacy in terms of reducing angina pain and other objective improvements in myocardial function
  • Will complete enrollment of patients in COSIRA (Coronary Sinus Reducer for Treatment of Refractory Angina) study in 2013. COSIRA is a double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled, multicenter, prospective trial
  • Currently enrolling patients in Israel, U.K., and European Registries

The Reducer